Watch This World Premiere! Suzi Shelton’s “The Grass Is Always Greener” Music Video

We are so very lucky here at ETM to get to bring our beloved Marshmallow Peeps these World Premieres from celebrated Kindie artists! Today, we bring to you to the premiere of Suzi Shelton’s animated music video for her single off of her latest album Hand In Hand, The Grass Is Always Greener with guest artist Tim Kubart!

What started out as drawings from Suzi Shelton’s husband Dave’s upcoming coloring book grew into an animated music video! “This is a home-grown green screen video featuring Tim Kubart and my band mates, and artwork created by my husband. We filmed this video at YouTube Space NY this past August. We learned a lot and we’re excited to do more!”~Suzi Shelton

The Grass Is Always Greener

producers: Greg Mayo and Dan Weiner

illustrator: Dave Shelton

videographer: Brad Holland

animator: Gregory Thompson

compositor: Henry Steady

Earlier this year, we reviewed Suzi Shelton’s album, Hand In Hand. Below is a re-publication of that post.

SUZI SHELTON, Hand in Hand

On May 11th, beloved Brooklyn-based Kindie artist Suzi Shelton released a new album, Hand in Hand. As the title suggests, the album centers around themes of inclusion, self-esteem, and kindness. These themes, enveloped in danceable infectious tracks are sure to appeal to a wide swath of kindie rock listeners. For the younger set, there is a counting song, Ladybugs, that follows the “count down” narrative (think the Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed), a modern twist on the nursery rhyme It’s Raining, It’s Pouring in the track Raindrop, a song that hinges on the listener’s anticipation for the lyrical reveal The Grass is Always Greener, and a jazzy track called Blue Fin that cycles through the primary colors in association with sea creaturesWith her background in early childhood education, Suzi Shelton puts her insider knowledge to good use! For older kid appeal, the opening track, Put Your Hands in the Air, is a positive, energizing track that brims with empowerment and joy. And who, really, doesn’t need a little more joy in their lives these days? Another standout track that will appeal to the older set is Never Let You Go. Opening with the delicate, toy-like sound of the ukulele, this song has a sweet pop melody that transports the listener to a magical happy morning space– ready to greet the day filled with love and warmth. The final track, We Shall Walk,  ends the album with a message of togetherness, peace, non-judgement, and inclusion. Composed in the Doo-Wop style of rhythm & blues, We Shall Walk is written and performed by Suzi Shelton’s own 13 year-old daughter Emma (who is accompanied by her mother). As the VonTrap family taught us in The Sound of Music, a family that sings together stick together! Listen to Hand in Hand as a family, for it is really how it is meant to be experienced.

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