A Small Slice of Blamerican Pie, The Tiny Chef Show!

“The Tiny Chef believes that children should learn how to cook and is hopeful that kids watch his cooking program. In his free time The Chef enjoys playing endless games of Uno and he loves to play his tiny banjo.”

The next big thing your family should be watching together is, actually, tiny. The Tiny Chef Show is a “tiny cooking show for all humans” and since its Instagram debut last fall, the show has gained cult status amassing half a million followers of The Tiny Chef’s online social media cooking show. The show itself is a hybrid of sorts. It is part cooking show, part “slice of life” Vlog, and part youtube channel format reality show. Despite its hybrid nature the show feels quite wholistic. Viewers see snippets of Chef’s adventures which, cumulatively, paint a complete picture of its main character and his tiny world.

From the moment our family watched The Tiny Chef together, we were instantly hooked. The Tiny Chef’s character is charm embodied in a little tomato-shaped body sprouting long arms and legs. His speech is barely understandable, and yet, he communicates his full range of human emotions with perfect clarity. Even the New York Times recently took note, featuring an article all about the show in their Critic’s Notebook, appropriately within their Food section.

Here at ETM, we cannot recommend this show enough. WE LOVE IT! Not only is watching and witnessing all these little slices of Tiny Chef’s life in and around his show completely enchanting, but The Tiny Chef is also about improving the quality of his viewers lives. The Tiny Chef leads by example. He is an herbivore, not by dogma, but by compassion and taste preference. He is a proponent of NSS (No Screen Sundays), where he encourages you to plan what games and activities in which you will be partaking on Sundays away from all screens. Watch here as The Tiny Chef gets a tiny surprise:

The first time I watched, “Tiny Surprise” I laughed out loud.  With all the chaos of the news cycle and the hectic restart to the school year, The Tiny Chef Show provides a much needed respite, about 30 seconds at a time.

The Tiny Chef is most active on Instagram, but also has a Youtube Channel, and a website.



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