Tenacious Me! A Letter from the Editor

Tenacity is a quality I much admire in people. My daughter has it. For all the struggles she has, that kid has amazing “stick-to-it-ness” that allows her to see through what she has set out for herself.

Prior to having kids, I never really thought about tenacity as something that could be cultivated. Back then, I was of the opinion that either you were born with grit, or you weren’t. But of course, becoming a parent blew the lid off of many preconceived notions. and I sing a very different tune these days!

I think of parenting as the ultimate long game. The goal (hopefully for all of us) is to raise, independent, healthy, empathetic, thoughtful, self-confident individuals who go out into world and contribute to the greater good. This is no easy task, nor is it a straight-shot. Parenting is a messy, circuitous journey that takes us to some extremely unforeseen places. I don’t know how you can parent without having a hefty does of tenacity and humor.

I believe this parental tenacity translates into other aspects of our lives. I, personally, find that I am more willing to hunker down and plow through a problem than I was back in my singleton days.

For example, I don’t think I would have had the gumption to start a venture like Eat The Marshmallow ten years ago. Maybe I would have, but knowing me from back then, I think Eat The Marshmallow would have stayed on the proverbial drawing board.

And now, here we are on the threshold of our first anniversary. One year. It’s unbelievable to me that 365 days ago, we were posting our very first issue of Eat The Marshmallow! It’s banana-pants. To think that if I hadn’t been sharing my ideas with Maki on the phone one year and two months ago, Eat The Marshmallow would have never happened. I owe my plucky co-captain an enormous debt of gratitude. May she stay at the helm with me for many years to come.

Also a HUGE thanks to all the contributing writers and interviewees who selflessly gave their time and talents to us, listed here in no particular order: Meghaan, Emily, Kelly, Maliha, Sheri, Jeremy, CN, Kevin, Justin, Vinay, Susan, Marcy, Bethany, CR, Heather, Margaret, Mom (CM Iyer to the rest of you),  YOU GUYS RULE!!!!

And last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to YOU, our faithful readers who make this all worthwhile and possible.

With much grit & gratitude,


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