Take a Listen: New Bilingual Kindie

Hey Peeps, Maki here. Anouck’s regular family music posts will resume in the fall, but until then, I wanted to call out two notable Spanish/ English bilingual family music albums that were recently released.

Columbian artist Nathalia‘s latest bilingual family album En La Radio just dropped earlier this month. Listen as she takes you from station to station, covering a wide range of music you might hear in the US and throughout Latin America. Check out Lune Lunera, one of the songs featured on the album.

Her lyrics switch naturally from Spanish and English, very much like the way bilingual families speak. Being bilingual myself, I found the album title En La Radio and its concept very interesting– going from one language to the other is sort of like tuning into different radio stations in my brain. And what better way to learn another language than listening to music? Head to her web site for Nathalia’s new album and more: https://www.nathaliamusic.com/

Latin GRAMMY winners 123Andres, the husband and wife bilingual duo, have a new album out, Canta Las Letras (literally meaning sing your alphabet/ letters). The songs on this album are cleverly designed to help children learn letters and letter sounds (basic phonics, but fun!) in Spanish through music and movement. And it benefits everyone, native Spanish speakers and second language learners alike. The project, a collaboration with Benchmark Education Company, will help children learn letter sounds while they dance along to cheerful rhythms and melodies from throughout Latin America. The songs are arranged in alphabetical order, but “children may want to hear the song for the first letter of their name on repeat, or develop other favorites,” advise Andrés and Christina, the cheerful authors of Canta las Letras. “This is all about making learning letters in Spanish fun and memorable.”

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