Songs To Sing in Spring Part 2

What can we say– Kindie artists across the globe have been very busy this past year and now our ears get to be treated to the fruits of their labor! They have been so prolific, we are going to need to do a Part 3 to this post thread. I told you these musicians were hard at work! And now without further delay, we give you Part 2 of our spring music roundup.

GARBAGE GUTS, Formidable Vegetable 

Formidable Vegetable, musicians and sustainability advocates from down under, have a new album out now! As leaders in Australia’s permaculture movement, the band is joyfully singing to young audiences about earth-friendly practices and creative ways of fostering healthy relationships with our planet and with each other. With tracks like There’s No Such Thing as Waste and Get a Goat, Formidable Vegetable delivers a timely message packaged in fun, New Orleans jazz-Ska-Funk hybrid style that will get all enthusiastic listeners re-using, reducing, and recycling! Take a listen.


WE GOT THIS, Erica Rabner

Erica Rabner has been extremely productive during pandemic! She not only put out one album but TWO new albums within a few months span, The COVID album and its follow up, We Got This. Her COVID album (unbeknownst to her at the time) began with a little song about washing hands. She posted it to social media during the first week of lockdown and it went viral (pun intended). Wash Your Hands prompted a pediatrician to reach out and request a song about wearing a mask to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Soon a collaboration was born between Erica Rabner and psychologists, medical doctors, educators, and parents. The fruit of this collective labor– an album of pop folk songs full of supportive messages and emotional explorations meant to assist young listeners in processing what they are going through during this period of time where the world is in crisis. Nestled between songs like Mask On and Grandma I Miss Ya are little unscripted vignettes where kids reflect on their experiences of 2020. Watch below the sweet music video for the track You’re Not Alone, then hit play on her latest off of We Got This, to keep you feeling uplifted and supported through these roller coaster days.

BANANA2, Uncle Dox

Prolific Kid Hop artist Uncle Dox has made his first full length album in collaboration with Kindie Pop Artist Fancy Pants and it is 10 tracks full of fun, fanciful, silly theme that are sure to appeal to listeners big and small. As always with Uncle Dox and Fancy Pants, tracks are full catchy hooks and themed with funny observations from the kid perspective. From Shopping (where there are problems with newly purchased ill-fitting pants) and the last track of the album Last Thing I Do which jauntily describes a child’s evening wind down routine, the songs are delightful, relatable, and most importantly dance-able! Check out this new track celebrating Moms just out in time for Mother’s Day:


28 DAYS, Little Miss Ann

Out of the great city of Chicago, singer/ songwriter Little Miss Ann is back with her 6th Kindie album filled with 1960’s influenced folk rock for the younger set. On it, Little Miss Ann is joined by renown special guests including Tommy Soulati Shepherd (from Alphabet Rockers) and his son, Tommy T3PO Shepherd, Suzi Shelton, Elena Moon Park, Frances England, Mil’s Trills, Anna Jacobson, and Ric Salazar ( of Los Gallos). In a time of where isolation is prevalent, Little Miss Ann’s new album speaks to togetherness, camaraderie, and the importance of both the inner world of imagination and the outer world of physicality and exploration. Watch this music video for the single Marshmallow Man, a song inspired by a little marshmallow man figurine bought at a Japanese toy store as a fundraiser for the store-owner who was suffering from cancer. The song is about gratitude for the simple things in daily life.


Kid Hop Artist SaulPaul is back with a new EP which is due to drop on May 14th and he is ready to take his young audience forward into a bright and hopeful future. After being cooped up for the past year, SaulPaul wants to spark curiosity and energy in his audience. The first single out is Best Day Ever where kids get to imagine a day filled with whatever they like best: go-karting, camping, sky-diving, a waterpark, or even just playing with a cute puppy. As stated by SaulPaul, “This album is all about the heart and mindset. My goal is to inspire kids to celebrate their individuality through acceptance of others and self-confidence. If I had to describe each song with one word, I’d list them as Joy. Hope. Heart. Friendship. Energy. Inspiration. Motivation. The basic message is to love yourself and love others.” If this message sounds good to you, wait ’til you hear the songs. Here is the animated music video for the first single.


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