Songs to Sing in Spring! part 1

Happy Spring lovely Marshmallow Peeps! It is time to check out what some industrious kindie artist have created to treat our collective ears.


Singer/ songwriter turned Kindie chanteuse Sara Watkins, of Grammy winning bands Nickel Creek and I’m With Her, has a brand new album of winsome and soothing songs for the soul. Dreamy and evocative, listeners will recognize the classic tunes underpinning Watkins’ reinterpretations. The first single, Tumbling Tumbleweeds is a reimagined version of the cowboy classic originally sung by Roy Rogers. Check out the music video below, the album is set to drop on the 26th of this month. Listeners will find a perfect 15 track album to daydream away a lazy afternoon while slowly swaying in a cozy hammock.

CHEESE (single), Uncle Dox 

Kid Hop artist Uncle Dox makes us hungry with his new single, Cheese, an ode to all things cheesy and delicious. Smart and silly, this track will have you grabbing those grilled cheese fixings in the first few seconds of hearing the song’s refrain– so be prepared and stock up your fridge! Warning: this track is not for the lactose-intolerant. Take a listen.



MAGNOLIA TREE (single), Suzi Shelton

One of Spring’s most magnificent harbingers is the Magnolia tree in bloom– it’s about time someone wrote a song about it! Brooklyn-based Kindie artist Suzi Shelton has done just that. Inspired by the beautiful blooming tree under which Suzi’s young stepdaughter Julia likes to play, Suzi Shelton and her son Sebastian have written a catchy and upbeat song that invites everyone to enjoy the once a year spectacular sight. Take a look at the sweet animated music video!


LET’S GO! Laurie Berkner

Legendary children’s musician Laurie Berkner used her pandemic-imposed stay-at-home time to churn out a 14th album of family music for all to enjoy. “A pandemic is a strange and challenging time to make and release a new album,” says Laurie. “What’s really important? What’s going to change completely by tomorrow? I didn’t expect a song about handwashing to end up on this album, or a song about wearing a mask, and I waited to release the title track until after we were no longer under strict stay-at-home orders because … well, where were we going to GO? Well, now we are ready to go, so hit play on the title track and Let’s Go! But before you head out– perhaps play the last track on the album to have an acapella accompaniment as you do your super hero duty and put on a mask!

MAKE IT HAPPEN, Stacey Peasley’s

Boston based family musician Stacey Peasley celebrates a positive message of empowerment, courage, and strength in her fifth Kindie record. With its 60s girl-group feel combined with 80s instrumentation, the album is full of original upbeat tracks that give listeners a much needed boost in these upside down times. Peasley even takes a moment to celebrate Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign with the song What Girls Do. Inspired by Senator Warren’s pinky promises made to young girls while telling them, “I’m running for president, because that’s what girls do,” the song lists off all the things girls can and have accomplished. “I think I’m a good storyteller, and I write songs about unique experiences that aren’t often written about,” says Stacey Peasley, “I have been inspired by so many different things this past year. Looking at our social and political landscape and honing in on the experiences that kids have shared with me has really taken my writing to a new level.” Make It Happen is out now, be sure to check it out!


Aussie Kindie Band The Wiggles are celebrating 30 years of making music for young audiences. The original band members were the creators of what came to be known as “cradle rock,” the grandfather to the current Kindie genre. The Wiggles have sold out Madison Square Garden 12 times and now, as the band turns 30, they have compiled their 40 greatest hits in to one mega album including seven brand-new recordings that are exclusive to this anniversary compilation. Brimming with songs about everything under the sun, the album as a whole celebrates inclusivity, community and celebrates diversity. Take a look at the music video for Fruit Salad! Yummy yummy.


Ever hear a sneeze’s imitate a DJ’s record scratch rhythms? Well now you can thanks to comedian/ musician Mike Phirman’s latest album Activity Books, a musical interpretation of  kids’ favorite activity book pages brought to life. Each song is dedicated to a certain type of activity book page. For example, a connect-the-dots themed song reveals an image of a little dog in a travel carrier and the song shifts into machinations about the adventures of “Luggage Dog” who, of course, gains supernatural powers by being put through the TSA X-ray.  A passive aggressive word search leads to a giant hint to vacuum a very dirty floor, described by none other than guest artist Weird Al Yankovic. No kid comedy album is complete without a nod to Weird Al. Check out this music video for the cute little Luggage Dog, and to see more Activity Book videos, go to Mike Phirman’s YouTube channel!



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