Read This, Mother’s Day Edition: The Wild Robot Escapes

The Wild Robot Escapes is the story of a mother’s journey home to her son. That mother is Roz, full name ROZZUM unit 7134. She is a robot. Her son is Brightbill, an orphaned gosling Roz saved on a deserted island. Yes, readers, this mother-and-son combo is a robot and a bird.

In the previous installment, The Wild Robot, we saw Roz wash up on a deserted island, learn to survive in an environment she wasn’t designed for, adopt and raise an orphaned gosling, and make friends with all the animals on the island. I won’t reveal the reason, but at the end of the book, she ends up gravely wounded. She is forced to leave the island she loves, in order to travel back to the city where she was created.

The Wild Robot Escapes picks up soon after the first book. Roz, repaired and in mint condition, arrives at a dairy farm. There, Roz helps Mr. Shareef, the farm owner and recent widower. She repairs broken farm equipment, programs them to run on schedule, and takes care of the cows. She pretends to be a regular robot while plotting her escape. She begins by revealing herself to the cows, talking in the animal language she learned back on the island. The cows are surprised, but make quick friends with Roz, because who isn’t moved by the story of a mother trying to get back home to her son? Slowly, word begins to spread about a robot mother in search of her gosling son.

Alas, waiting for the opportunity to escape takes time. In the meantime, Mr. Shareef’s two kids figure out Roz is no ordinary robot. They promise to help her escape and keep her secret from Mr. Shareef. As Roz spends more time with Mr. Shareef and his kids, she knows that leaving would mean abandoning them in their time of need. Will she leave the Shareefs and find her way home? Will she be reunited with Brightbill?

Enjoy Wild Robot Escapes! and its prequel Wild Robot on Mother’s Day. Roz is a robot programmed to help people, so it is in her nature to care, but her maternal connection with Brightbill opens up a new world for her, both on the island and the Shareef family’s farm. Roz cares for all the animals and humans, making her a natural at motherhood. I hope you enjoy reading about her adventure in the wild, the farm, and the city!



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