Woot! Woot! Woot! World Premiere– Mista Cookie Jar’s Spirit Animal

When is it ever OK to compare a child to an animal? How about when the child is…AWESOME??

Eat The Marshmallow is proud to host the world premiere of the latest house-groove-rasta-rap smash single, Spirit Animal, by none other than Mista Cookie Jar!


October and early November are the months when it is rumored that the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at its thinnest. We more readily have access to other realms. This may be so, but what if you already have your own little spirit guide hanging around the house all the time in the form of your own kiddo? Sound familiar? In his new single Spirit Animal, Mista Cookie Jar gives a shout out to the special kid or kids in your life who are old souls, the little chill zen masters that seem to have it all figured out even if their age is still hovering in the single digits!

The track opens with a strong house beat accompanied by a jaunty, happy-go-lucky whistle melody. After a brief intro where Mista Cookie Jar exclaims, “I know you’re just a little kid, but I want to be you when I grow up!” he drops the main refrain, “You are my spirit animal, no tricks– purely magikal.” And it just kicks up from there! The song bounces as it honors and rasta-raps with reverence. The single celebrates kids who know who they are and remind us to stay true to who we are. From the Cookie himself, “Children inspire humanity in so many ways. Often, they so naturally encapsulate a once-forgotten, beautiful, wild, and untainted essence, both contagious and undeniably transcendent.” We couldn’t agree more. Spirit Animal is an anthem to the awesome! So go ahead, add the song to that playlist, connect with your special peeps, and groove to the House beat that reminds you to listen to your heart and honor your true self. Thank you Mista Cookie Jar and thank you to the kids who keep us inspired!

So Cal folk, Mista Cookie Jar’s got some upcoming shows!

October 13th, Westside Children’s Center’s 25th Annual Children’s Art Festival: 12:45pm, Culver City, CA

October 20th, Wildlife Family Fun Day, National Geographic’s Photo Ark Premiere: 1:30pm, Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA (Century City)

October 25th, Dolphin Marina: 10:30am, Marina Del Rey, CA (Park at Chart House)

November 8th, Dolphin Marina: 10:30am, Marina Del Rey, CA (Park at Chart House)

November 10th, Children’s Book World: 10:30am, West LA, CA (Rancho Park)

November 11th, Zimmer Children’s Museum: 3pm, Los Angeles, CA (Mid-Whilshire)





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