Podcasts For Holiday Break!

Hello readers, here are couple of podcast recommendations to keep your kiddos busy over the holidays!

The Book Club For Kids

For kids looking for book recommendations from their peers, here is the perfect podcast: The Book Club For Kids. Every week, middle-grade readers from schools around the country tell you all about the week’s chosen title. They’ll describe the plot and tell you what they liked or didn’t like about it, followed by a celebrity reading (often familiar voices from NPR), and an interview with the author.

It’s fun to hear about middle grade books straight from the target audience group. What they find interesting about a book can be so different from mine, reading from an adult’s perspective.  Host Kitty Felde, who created The Book Club For Kids back in 2000 for car-bound kids stuck listening to NPR on their family cars, asks just the right questions to further the discussion. Interviews with authors provide deeper insight and are quite interesting on their own.

At the end of each show, kids get to share their favorite books and what they are reading currently. If the book chosen for the week’s episode doesn’t pique your or your kiddos’ interest, they might find these recommendations more to their liking! May you and your kiddos find many books to buy or loan from the library.


Many kids love scary stories, but have you ever wondered where these stories come from? Unspookable explores popular urban legends and their origins — in particular, how and why these stories have become popular (and in the case of internet memes, “viral”). Think Lore for families.

Unspookable tells us that our fear of the unknown is universal. Though I didn’t grow up in the US, the game of summoning Bloody Mary sounded familiar because there was a similar one I played with friends in Japan. Different cultures give the game or lore their own spin, but more often than not, there is a common thread running through them. Urban legends and “challenges” that have their origins on the Internet are similarly fascinating. They’ve gone global within days, so what is it about these stories that captures the imaginations of Internet users around the world?  

The show is very well researched and listeners will come away knowing a little more about the human psyche and history. Maybe next time your kiddos listen to a scary story, they’ll get curious about its origin and what need it fills in us. Unspookable is a great podcast for curious minds.

Have a safe and happy holidays!


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