Play This: Tsuro

Tsuro BoxTsuro means “passageway” in Japanese.

You play as a seafaring ship.  The goal of the game is to drive other players off the map. Last one floating wins!

It’s a simple, quick game to play with a big group of up to 8 players. Let’s take a look…

Here’s the board. You begin by placing your marker along a starting grid.


Like so.


Pass out three tiles to each player.


When it’s your turn, place a tile and follow the line to the end.

Take another tile from the pile to replenish your stock, so you always have three.


As the game progresses, you’ll be able to change the other players’ paths with strategic tile placement. You’ll never know where you’ll end up as more tiles get placed on the map!


The example above uses three markers (one per player), but it’s more fun to play with a group of four or more. I love to follow all the squiggly lines as more tiles get placed on the map. Give it a try!

Tsuro (Calliope Games)

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