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Who doesn’t love a good strategy game? They are fun, competitive, and have a good amount of therapeutic value for those of us who want to encourage our kiddos to flex those executive function brain cells. I personally love a good game that is fun AND gives the brain a little workout.

Sequence is a great game to add to the mix on a family game night, or when your child has a group of friends over, when you have friends over, or even when the grandparents are visiting! This game, though it can be played by 2-3 individual players, is best played in teams, up to 12 players. When teams are used, then the game additionally exercises non-verbal communication skills between team mates in a similar way as teams play in Bridge. Sequence is best for ages 7 and up.

So, how do you play this game you ask? Look no further:


Object: For 2 players or 2 teams of players, one player or team must create two 5 marker chip lines/ rows vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the game board (this 5 marker chip line is called a Sequence)

For 3 players or 3 teams of players, one player or team must create only one 5 marker chip line/ row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the game board.

To Play:

  • Shuffle the cards, and deal the cards out according to the number of players. Aces are high.
  • For 2 players 7 cards each
    For 3 players 6 cards each
    For 4 players 6 cards each
    For 6 players 5 cards each
    For 8 players 4 cards each
    For 9 players 4 cards each
    For 10 players 3 cards each
    For 12 players 3 cards each
  • Each player or team picks a different color marker chip.
  • Each player picks a card from their own hand and then places it face up (visible to all the other players) on their own discard pile then places one of their colored marker chips on the game board square with the matching card image. This begins the sequence.
  • The subsequent players follow suit, and either try to continue their own sequence or block the path of an opponent’s sequence.
  • Once a marker chip has been played, it cannot be removed from the board EXCEPT when a player has a one-eyed Jack card. If a player has a one-eyed Jack and plays it by placing it face up on their discard pile, they can remove an opponents marker chip from the game board thereby disrupting their sequence. This action concludes the players turn. The player cannot place their own marker chip on the game board space they just cleared. Also, players cannot remove chips from a completed 5 chip sequence.
  • Two-eyed Jacks are wild and can be used to place a chip on any game board space.
  • No table talk or coaching from team members! If a teammate says anything about game play to another team member, they lose a turn.
  • First player or team to achieve a complete 5 marker chip sequence on the game board wins! If you are playing the version of the game where the winner needs two complete sequences, players can use any one of the spaces from the first sequence as a part of the second sequence needed to win.

Here is a handy dandy video from The Dice Tower to help visualize the rules of play.



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