Play This: Magic Labyrinth

MagicLabyrinth_packageThe Magic Labyrinth is a fun memory game with a nifty gimmick. I personally hate memory games, but this one uses a magnet to make memorization more fun.

Each player’s wizard has a magnet inside, which allows the wizard to carry a marble underneath the game board. The goal is to capture a relic on the board, randomly chosen. There are invisible walls all over the board. If your wizard hits a wall and loses its marble, you go back to the starting point.

Let’s check out how this works.

Game board

Here’s the game board. There is a relic on each square.


Under the game board are pegboard and pegs.


Insert the pegs into the pegboard to create a maze.

Make sure you don’t box-in a square, as it will become inaccessible.


Now place the pegboard on the box again, and the game board on top that.

Spin it around several times because MAGIC.


Then place a wizard on each corner, depending on how many people are playing. (Up to four players.)

The marble goes underneath the board.


Reach into the black bag to pick out a relic to be retrieved.

Find the matching relic on the board and place it on top of that square.

Roll the dice to make your move.

If you hit a wall and lose your marble, go back to your starting square.

The magnet is a simple but fun gimmick as you inevitably hit an invisible wall and lose the marble. As if by magic, the marble comes back to your corner.

I like that kids can create many mazes using the pegboard. They could even leave out some pegs to make a simpler one for younger players. I also like that the game uses its own box as a part of the magnet mechanism. That means I only need to clear out enough room on the table for the game box. (Very important for a dining table that’s always full of unsorted mail and magazines like mine.) Give it a try!

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