Play it Solo! Splitting Image

Don't have a buddy to play with? Here is a game to play by yourself and challenge visual and spatial skills.

I’m a big believer in family game night. However, there are times when, no matter how good and lofty your intentions, you need to get some stuff done and need for your kid to play by herself. These are moments when you pull out the solo games and tell your kid to have at it!

Splitting Image by Fat Brain Toys is one such game and has the bonus of being a brain teasing, critical thinking, trouble shooting, spatial reasoning game. It is both simple to learn and challenging to play. Sound good? Let’s take a closer look:

The Game

Splitting Image is a self-contained game that folds out of its carrying case. It has a mirror, two puzzle pieces, and 31 challenge cards.

The Objective

Recreate the pattern shown on the challenge card by shifting and flipping the two puzzle pieces against the mirror. If successful, the reflection in the mirror will show the exact replica of the pattern given on the challenge card. Challenge cards may need to be rotated to solve the puzzle!

To Play

  • Open the case so that the mirror is upright.
  • Shuffle the challenge cards and pick a card as your puzzle challenge
  • Using the two puzzle pieces, replicate the pattern shown on the challenge card by flipping and turning the pieces. Continue exploring this until your puzzle pieces plus the mirror image (the reflection) form an exact replica of the pattern on your chosen challenge card.
  • Rinse and repeat!
  • Need a bigger challenge? Time yourself to see how fast you can solve the pattern on the challenge card.

That’s it! It’s so simple, yet not easy at all! To play multi-player, take turns manipulating the pieces. The one who completes the pattern wins the challenge. Time flies when you flex your visual dexterity muscles! Your brain will have never been so buff!

Ages 6-12

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