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Two years ago, I wrote about using GoNoodle over the summer as a bridge to get kids moving as they get their precious screen time. 

For those of you that did not read that post, GoNoodle is a free site where you can either create an account for your child or create a family account which gives you access to interactive, short, brain-stimulating movement breaks. Originally designed for teachers of K-5th classrooms, GoNoodle was based on the premise that desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the school day. Since their launch, GoNoodle has grown like gangbusters! As per their stats on blog.gonoodle.com, over 14 million kids move to GoNoodle each month. GoNoodle is used in 80% of U.S. public elementary schools in all 50 states and worldwide in 185 countries. Two million families play GoNoodle at home, turning screen time into active time, either through gonoodle.com, apps for the iPhone, Android phones and Apple TV and through the GoNoodle YouTube channel. For our full post from June 2016 focused on our summer use of GoNoodle, click here.

Now that I have refreshed your memory regarding GoNoodle, I must point out that a lot has changed in the GoNoodle-verse since 2016! I want to call your attention to some very cool updates (described here in detail). This year GoNoodle has launched their special summer edition of GoNoodle called GoSummer! They have completely re-vamped their site and added a lot more activities and channels to tune into. From now until July 27th, GoNoodle is offering special times to tune into GoNoodle Go Summer (weekdays, 8am and 4pm PST, 11am and 7pm EST) to interact with special content “mixes” for the whole family to enjoy together. The mixes include (as posted on the GoNoodle Blog, May 31st 2018):

  • Gooooood Morning! – wake up and then shake up with this morning mix!
  • It’s Lunchtime! – work up an appetite with this delicious mix of munchy, crunchy, lunchy songs.
  • I’m SOOOOOOOO Bored! – say buh bye to boredom with this exciting mix.
  • Camp GoNoodle – no need to get on a bus, camp comes to you with this camptastic mix of fun.
  • Nighty Night – wind down for the night with this calming mix
  • Summer Vacay – celebrate the summer with a happy, peppy, super foot steppy summer mix.
  • Dance Class – want the moves like Jagger? Then, sign on to this dance class mix!

Each time to you tune live to the GoNoodle Now summer mixes, you will be entered to win prizes in the GoNoodle Sweepstakes. How’s that for a little motivation to avert the dreaded “summer slump?” GoNoodle can help break up long summer days, injecting short bursts of activity that can serve as transitions to other physically or mentally stimulating activities with an added bonus that much of the content is curriculum-backed educational material. Some of my personal fave videos to do alongside my daughter are from the Brainercise with Mr. Catman collection. Many of these Catman videos are based on “Brain Gym” principles and assist with getting the brain hemispheres more readily communicating with one another in concert, so they have entertainment AND therapeutic value. I like to do them in the morning after breakfast, as a transition into the day. My daughter prefers Moosetube and Kids Zumba, both of which are more dance driven activities. But whatever your preference, GoNoodle is likely to have something in which to engage your family this summer.

To learn more and create a family account, to go www.gonoodle.com.

For those of you who already have a family account and prefer GoNoodle’s former interface (I know, you aren’t  ready to relinquish your personalized “champ” just yet ), GoNoodle kindly offers their users the prior interface for a limited time. They are so kind to us. Change is hard. 

In the meantime, as you enjoy the last few month of the older interface, happy movin’ and groovin’! 


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