Listen to This: Unicorns, Rainbow Princesses & a Big Buncha Buddies

STEVENSTEVEN, Foreverywhere

Unlikely duo, Steve Burns (the original host of Blue’s Clues) and multi-Grammy winner Steven Drozd (multi-instrumentalist for The Flaming Lips) have come together to form the kindie rock band STEVENSTEVEN. The concept album follows the tale of a unicorn in the depths of an existential crisis who falls in love with a guitar ingénue rainbow princess. The story is framed largely in a three song arc opening with The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow and closing with The Lonely Unicorn is Never Giving Up. There is love, there is loss and there are hi-jinx in-between. The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow is the first song released off the album, and sound-wise definitely has the dreamy quality of some Flaming Lips songs, but then over the course of the narrative, the song shifts into a more dramatic Pink Floyd-esque shredding guitar solo backed by a chorus of voices, before resuming its optimistic tone. Steve Burns explains, “I love narrative rock music. This is the expository first song in our attempt at a mini concept EP for kids adults and everybody- a three song narrative detailing the story of a unicorn who falls in love with a Rainbow Princess with incredible guitar chops, joins her band, and then loses her to cosmic forces beyond his control. We wanted it to be expressive and wistful and dramatic and even tragic in its way, full of themes you don’t often hear in children’s music.  We wanted to make a little legend here, sort of Puff the Magic Dragon meets Ziggy Stardust.” Who doesn’t love a rock legend? Foreverywhere releases February 24th worldwide. 



Musical sketch comedy duo out of Providence, Rhode Island yield a debut family music album around the theme of friendship. Bridget Brewer, a novice to family music scene, says of her and Keith Munslow’s album, “In the end, the only thing that matters is loving someone, feeling empathy for someone, no matter how different you are.” The albums deeper meanings are framed in light and funny songs, some of which have a straight up country music sound as in Big Buncha Buddies, Stick Pony, and Why Did You Teach Me That-Word? while others are more jazz influenced like Stray Dog and Jilly the Ghost. Keith Munslow’s musical theater influence can be heard throughout the album. His solo single Coffee Breath is a current hit on SiriusXM Kids Place Live and he has several family music albums of his own under his belt: Accidentally on Purpose, Dressed Up for the Party, and Homemade Fun. Munslow and Brewer’s combined effort on Big Buncha Buddies yields a sweet, theatrical, home-spun sound that will appeal to listeners, big and small. Big Buncha Buddies is available through iTunes and CDbaby.

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