Listen to this: two science podcasts for kids!

There are so many good podcasts these days, it’s hard to keep up. Here are two fun podcasts about science to keep the kids entertained all summer long!

Tumble Science Podcast For Kids

Tumble answers questions from curious young listeners. Questions such as:

Does trash that end up in the ocean stay in the ocean? How can we clean it up?  How long does it take to travel to the center of the earth? How do cats always manage to land on their feet?

Hosts Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla welcome guests with the appropriate expertise for each episode. There is a lot of information packed into every show, but at 15 to 17 minutes, it isn’t overwhelming. Many of the topics are kid favorites anyway. So whether your kids are into space and earth exploration, bugs, cats, robots or yucky bacteria, they’re sure an episode that will interest them–and keep coming back for more!

The Show About Science

You may have heard about Nate Butkus, the 6-year old with his own science podcast. It isn’t just “cute.” There is an element of that, but in his interviews with scientists and authors, Nate shows he does his homework, dropping knowledge and asking in-depth questions. I love that kids get to hear Nate, their own peer, talk about science with adults. Episodes average at 10 minutes, which is the perfect length for listening to while snacking or on short car rides around town.

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