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“Comedy toast with the crust cut off”

myfirstcomedyalbumcover1500pixelsMY FIRST COMEDY ALBUM , Billy Kelly

If you are like most adults, when you think of a comedy club, you definitely do NOT imagine entire families sitting together, juice boxes in hand, kicking back, and laughing while watching a stand-up comic do their thing. But this is exactly what is happening. Grammy-nominated family musician Billy Kelly releases his first stand up comedy album– and it is completely kid-friendly!

Back on June 11th, Billy Kelly recorded two live sets of stand-up comedy he performed at a comedy club for an audience of 8 year olds and their families. My First Comedy Album is the stellar result of those two live shows. Billy Kelly deftly bridges multiple age levels of comic material, resulting in a set that appeals equally to both adult and kid listeners.

He jokes about many wide-ranging and surprising topics like learning body-language, the dictionary, performing at an “Auditordium”, dog presidents, and his own more normal dog at home. There are some funny, sweet, and absurdist moments like when Kelly describes walking his dog and a lady approaches him asking whether his dog bites– He answers, “Does my dog bite? No, my dog RULES!!!”  Another stand out moment happens in his bit about tattoos, both temporary and permanent. At one point Billy Kelly states, “I might actually get a real tattoo…it’s going to be a tattoo of a little bit of food in the corner of my mouth, like a piece of hotdog and a smear of mustard, small, you know, I’m thinking tasteful…” But the true coup de grace for the 8 year old set, or at least for my 8 year old, is when Billy Kelly ruminates on what would happen if children were allowed to name themselves. You can just imagine where that goes. Better yet, take a listen to the album and laugh together with your kids.

My First Comedy Album is available through iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Animated Clip, Billy Kelly buys a dozen eggs:

Billy Kelly, stand up comedy clip, August 2016

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