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It’s midway through summer, hard to believe, huh? And what, pray tell, will keep you and your family dancing through the rest of your summer?  Two new and notable albums from kid-hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and kindie rocker KB Whirly!

Infinity CoverSECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO, Infinity plus One

It’s been a big summer for space exploration with Juno reaching Jupiter and, aptly, grammy-nominated kid-hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo released his new album “Infinity Plus One” on July 15th. Carl Sagan’s 1977 “Gold Record” inspired much of this new album. “Infinity Plus One” begins and ends with the electromagnetic sounds of earth, recorded by the Voyager spacecrafts 1 & 2  on their way out of earth’s orbit (Both Voyager vessels have copies of Sagan’s Gold Record aboard in order to potentially communicate with alien life). The album’s tracks focus on stories about space travel and the limitlessness of space, our humanity, and what can happen when love inspires us to act. “Lucktricity” features the tale of a young girl scientist who builds an infinite luck machine, all told through a gypsy swing groove. “Glimmer” explores the idea of microcosms intersecting with macrocosms through the P.O.V. of a moth who flies to the moon, all for the sake of love. Take a listen and let the eccecletic blend of hip-hop, funk, jazz, and swing keep you grooving through the rest of your summer and beyond!


W139 PSDKB WHIRLY, Camp Songs: Volume 1

Boston-based, one-man band, KB Whirly’s new album, “Camp Songs: Volume 1” focuses on the mini-universe of summer camp. The album revisits some favorite throwback camp songs as well as adding some originals to mix. Don’t get the wrong idea here, this is no maudlin folk album. KB Whirly’s sound is refreshingly new with roots firmly based in delta blues, cajun/ creole (think Beau Soleil), and Americana folk. With a couple of listens to tracks like “Not Gone Swimming,” about swimming on a not-so- ideal (think chilly) summer day, and “Theft of the Red Canoe,” a tale of summer hi jinx, your family will be ready to drink up that famous camp bug juice together!

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