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In January of 2017 Lard Dog & The Band of Shy began their  ‘Song of the Month Project,’ which launched a brand new song each month for all of 2017 leading into the full length album release of Dreamers, the band’s second album. Dreamers is now here and Steven Erdman a.k.a. Lard Dog says in regards to his new album, “It’s our hope that our music will inspire you to dance, sing, smile, or scratch your head—or ideally, all of the above.” I personally think it will perhaps do so ALL AT ONCE! One thing is for sure, Dreamers is an album that is packed full of messages of positivity, silliness, and joy. The album kicks off with the eponymous track Dreamers which sets the tone of the album and acts as its anthem calling on listeners to always dare to dream. Dreamers is followed by I Like, which was the first ‘Song of the Month’ to be released this year. The single’s release proved to be overwhelmingly popular among listeners and earned the #1 spot on SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live’s 13 Under 13 Countdown and spent 15 consecutive weeks on the countdown. Another great track is Don’t Let the Boogah Get you Down, which urges listeners not to let the current political climate in this country make you sad (you can just guess who the Boogah is). Don’t Let the Boogah Get you Down is followed by a 60’s surfer song Rock in the Rockefeller which brings to light little-known controversy surrounding the Rockefellers’ commission of a mural for the 30 Rock building by Mexican artist Diego Rivera (they had a slight difference of opinion). Other stand out tracks are Colander Sun, Who’s Your Favorite Beatle?, and Ode to Flatiron (the building, not the steak). This album will have the whole family dancing, singing, and embracing unrepentant silliness. What’s not to like? Dreamers releases on September 29th, ’til then check out The House of Lard website for the song of the month!

Hey New Yorkers, Lard Dog & The Band of Shy will perform a Dreamers album release extravaganza at Joe’s Pub in New York on September 24, 2017.



Early September brings us Brighter Side, the eighth full-length Gustafer Yellowgold release from Grammy nominated songwriter/cartoonist Morgan Taylor. Brighter Side is a continuation of alien Gustafer Yellowgold’s adventures here on earth and his recollections of his former life on the sun. The album is divided into “earth” themed songs and “sun” themed songs which together, explore experiences of this little alien’s life that are complex. Hot Nights (featuring Pat Sansone from Wilco)one of the “sun” songs, talks about how difficult it was for Gustafer Yellowgold to sleep while living on the sun because it was so physically hot. This falls into stark contrast with the “earth” songs Lucky Day and Meet Me by the Fun which speak to his charmed life in the Minnesota woods where he currently resides. Conceptually, this album mirrors the journey of self-awareness that occurs in children as they reach the age of 8-9 years old. They start to take in a more nuanced view of the world and try to find their own identity within this world that is opening up to them. In this same way, Brighter Side challenges listeners young and old to remain optimistic despite the ups and downs of life. All of this wrapped into 1970’s inspired indie pop complete with wonderfully infectious hooks. You will be singing along in no time! Brighter Side releases on September 8th. In the meantime, check out Hot Nights music video, the first single off the album.

*This review of Gustafer Yellowgold was published in last month’s special update, and is being re-published for the September issue of Eat The Marshmallow because of the album’s upcoming release date.


JACK FORMAN, Songs from the Monkey House

Jack Forman from Recess Monkey has a solo album! On it, he played every instrument, wrote and sang all the vocals, drew from a wide-range of musical influences as well as lyrical inspirations fueled by funny, quirky conversations he had with kids. The overall effect is a sonic version of going to a town carnival. It is fun, up-beat, and eclectic. Those of you who are Recess Monkey fans (like we here at ETM) will not be disappointed with this solo venture. You will find some familiar ground, so fear not and listen with full confidence! In the tradition of Recess Monkey‘s odes to Star Wars, the album’s second track is Yodeling Yoda. The track is a Ska/Zydeco influenced song that is about flying to Dagoba, being guided by Yoda and ultimately learning to listen to your inner voice. The last track of the album is also solidly in the Recess Monkey/ Beatles-y territory, aptly titled This is the End, which talks about the end of one thing is becoming the beginning of another. The other tracks on the album are more of a departure from what we’ve seen of Jack Forman’s work with Recess Monkey and takes a more exploratory approach. One stand out track that is particularly funny, is a tribute waltz  to Blue Cheese. Other notables are the songs Watermelon, Not a Cloud, and I Lost My Lunch. Songs from the Monkey House drops on September 29th. In the meantime, take a listen and download for free the first track from the album Dog Park.



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