Listen to This: Grammy Nominees and Jazzy Peeps

Lots of good stuff is happening, musically speaking, in these first two months of the year! We’ve got a favorite band of ETM’s that’s been nominated for a GRAMMY this year and music from newbies in the family music scene. Without further ado, here’s the happs in the family music scene.
CDBookletOutsideTemplateRECESS MONKEY, Novelties

One of our favorite Seattle-based Kindie rockers have their 13th album nominated for a GRAMMY. Woohoo! This album, Novelties, draws from a broader spectrum of musical influences than their previous album, Hot Air. The music is as whimsical, upbeat, and fun as ever and the guys still have their Beatles-y vibe, but notably on tracks like Every Flavor (which has a jazzy swing vibe) and Time to Make the Donuts, they are exploring some new musical ground for the band’s sound. The album is the first of Recess Monkey’s to be done in collaboration with Amazon Music and is available streaming exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. Eat The Marshmallow wishes the trio best of luck on Sunday, February 12 at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles!


jojo_album_3JOJO & THE PINECONES, Night & Day

Newbies on the family music scene, JoJo & the Pinecones are soon to be in frequent rotation at home. This past year was a big one for eclectic jazz pop band Joelle & The Pinehurst Trio. They were the Artists-in-Residence for Lincoln Center Education in NYC and during their residency, they worked on their debut family album under the band name JoJo & The Pinecones. Already known for their reimagined American Jazz Standards, songwriter and lead singer Joelle Lurie takes a similar imaginative and playful approach to Night & Day’s line up of songs. She thoughtfully curates a collection of reinterpreted family friendly jazz standards in addition to the bands own original compositions to create a fun, educational listening experience (Lurie’s experience as an educator comes out on the album in the form of little stories explaining the background of the jazz standards, once a teacher, always a teacher!). As described by NPR’s Will Layman on pop, “She (Joelle Lurie) gives everything a fresh sound…an airy touch with putting pop grooves beneath old standards…Lurie is onto something here: both accessible and a little different.”  The new album is due out later this month, and they kicked it off with a concert January 7th at Lincoln Center, NY as a part of the Lincoln Center Kids Artists series. New Yorkers, we are jealous you got to go see JoJo & The Pinecones live, the rest of us will just have to wait for the album to hit the airwaves!


i-like-cover-art2_2_origLARD DOG & THE WILD! WILD! BAND OF SHY, I Like

What do you like? Super fun, super silly band Lard Dog & The Band of Shy, that’s who! Lard Dog & The Band of Shy are rolling out their new album one song at a time to keep us clamoring for more. Every month, Lard Dog will release a new song for the whole of 2017, culminating in the fall with a complete new album for the year. For January, Lard Dog teamed up with Honey Babe to bring us their first new song, I Like. This song was released first due to popular demand from their live show set. This song did not appear on the band’s debut album, Life’s A Real Dream, so fans can now rejoice in their good fortune. I Like is available as a free download for the entire month of January at Lard Dog’s website:

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