Listen to this: A playlist for your Halloween posse

Though we, in this country, commonly think of  “holiday season” beginning in November and carrying through to the New Year, for many cultures the end of summer and beginning of fall is when a lot festivals and special occasions are observed. It is harvest season, and there is much to celebrate.  At the end of August and beginning of September this year (many festivals are timed by the lunar calendar, so they move around!) there was Eid al adha, Navratri, in Mid-September there was Rosh Hashanah. Now in October, there is Yom Kipur and Diwali (and countless others from cultures that span the globe). But, there is one holiday that kids across the US plan for like no other.

Yep, you bet your sweet candy corn, its Halloween. So, to celebrate the modern day cousin of the ancient Celtic Samhain, we here at ETM have culled together a Halloween themed playlist. A little something to get those trick or treating feet a- walkin’!

Don’t forget to look for the Teal Pumpkins (as a part of the Teal Pumpkin Project) in your travels to know that there are allergy and candy-free treats out there!


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