Letter From The Editor: Mind Craft

Dear Marshmallow Peeps (a.k.a Beloved ETM Readers),

Here we are again. Ready or not, the holidays are upon us once more. Having grown up on the east coast, I like to be at least somewhat prepared for them– and these days being prepared entails, in part, getting in to the right mind space. Which begs to ask the million dollar question, what is the “right” mind space?

What I am lately defining as the “right” mind space, is the attitude and focus that helps me efficiently check off the ever-growing to-do list while still allowing me to take moments, and they may be fleeting moments, where I pause and reflect on the good. “The good” may be friends and family, or it may be stealing a glance of an amazing garden in passing, it may be writing a sentence down about gratitude, or even getting to draw a small doodle. I try to take advantage of these small moments that are peppered throughout the day which so easily and frequently can get lost in the noise of the day. This is especially true as the holiday momentum builds. Invariably, it seems like the second I notice that a little bit of time is opening up, something comes along to fill it. Sound familiar? Personally, I find it stressful and frustrating.

Free time is like a feral animal, if you pay too much attention to it, it picks up and runs away, teasing you with a last glance back before it disappears out of sight! It is almost as if I have to ignore the “free time” when it pops back up in order for it to not run away again. How counter-intuitive is that?! So, when these precious little nuggets of time do pop up, I quietly try to sneak up on it and enjoy that spare moment. I have found, as I employ this approach with some success (meaning it doesn’t get usurped by something invariably “very very important”), more of these little moments avail themselves to me with greater frequency.

Does it work out every time? Nope. But, it does seem to give me a slightly more objective attitude to my time, so I feel less “in the thick of it” even if I am in the thick of the chaos, holiday induced or not. Most days I feel slightly calmer about time, which is a welcome relief.

With this in mind (no pun intended), I welcome you to try shifting the way you view your time, especially during the very busy holiday season where everything seems to be ratcheted up. The theme of this issue is “Mind Craft,” and we here at Eat The Marshmallow are trying to be mindful and zen through all the craziness of parenting while living life in the modern world.

Wishing you dear readers the best, safest, and healthiest of holidays! You guys are THE BEST! With deepest gratitude, Anouck and Maki


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