Letter from the Editor: Holidaze

shutterstock_107088725Hello Lovely ETM Readers,

This is the time of year that we all go a little nuts. The election season has been bananas, the holidays are upon us, we see a dauntingly large laundry list of things to do, and we get really stressed out. And on top of that, our children are amped up because of all the special activities happening in and out of school. It’s the perfect storm, and understandably we are all overwhelmed.

The Holidaze Issue is an acknowledgment of these feelings. Think of us as presenters of options for you and your family during this intense time. I recently read a great blog entry on growinghumans.net about considering parenting as a practice. Sujata Soni Wipper wrote, “Practicing, or having a ‘practice’ means to perform a set of regular or daily actions— and if we want to approach mastery, we must view this as a long-term investment in those actions. Practice helps to facilitate growth in one’s self through skill development. In parenting we can go one step further; we help to facilitate growth in another human being whom we quite literally are growing alongside our very selves. Parenting becomes a sacred practice.”

shutterstock_107088794I think it is interesting to think of our collective parenting as a practice because it does not spare us from the inevitable frustrations, but it does help reframe them. It is ok to make mistakes, it is practice. When we practice we play with ideas, patterns, rituals. We allow ourselves to be flawed. Imperfection is the very reason we practice. Perhaps most importantly, when we practice, we forgive ourselves for our imperfections and we forge ahead with our work, acknowledging the lessons in our failures. So, during this hectic and crazy time of the year, stop. Take a deep breath, and remember you have options and you have the opportunity to cultivate your parenting as a practice.

In the words of an internet meme of infinite wisdom: “Once upon a time I was a perfect parent. Then I had children. The End.” That really sums up the emotional state we all end up in at one point or another. But of course we all strive for it to conclude with: “The Beginning!”

We at Eat The Marshmallow wish you and your families peace, love and joy for the holiday season and beyond. Thank you so very much for reading our magazine. It is truly a labor of love and we couldn’t do it with out you! Cheers to you and your practice!

Anouck Iyer

To read the full blog post by Sujata Soni Wipper at Growing Humans click here


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