Jam Packed with New Summer Jamz, part 1

It’s halfway through summer and I am simply swimming in new kindie music to review for you! Admittedly this is a good problem to have, which is why I am splitting up the reviews into (at least three) different posts over the next few weeks. All of the singles and albums reviewed in these multiple posts are already out there, streaming, on the airwaves, or ready for download NOW! August releases will come in as a part of our August update. To proverbially “get us on the good foot” in our first part of the summer tunes reviews we have:


Mista Cookie Jar fans, get ready to delight in three new singles that celebrate snapshots of quintessential childhood moments. First up is a single that released back in May, called…

Let’s Get a Dog

Parents beware, this song encourages pet procurement, so unless you are ready to add a canine to the family, you may want to pre-screen this happy-go-lucky track. All kidding and warnings aside, this upbeat pop ditty tells the tale of an “innocent” trip to Petco that ends in…guess what? Yup. A dog, and Mista Cookie Jar has written a children’s anthem to use as a begging tactic to get that pet pooch. A very familiar situation to many families out there and Mista Cookie Jar delivers this prelude to dog ownership in a super catchy pop music package with a hook you will never forget. “Let’s get a doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy doggy dog–What a brilliant idea!” the song proclaims. Much like that doggie in the window, it’s irresistible and it will have you singing and dancing along as you happily head towards your favorite place for pet adoption. You have been warned.

Free Bubbles ft. Father Goose Music

What do you get when you cross a Cookie and a Goose? Free Bubbles! Mista Cookie Jar teams up with Father Goose Music to bring us a rasta-inspired, kid hop jam that has all the good summer vibes of those reggae dancehall 80s classics. But take note, the song separates itself from its influences with fun kid-inspired musical touches nested in the Jamaican riddims such as a distinct peppering of accent beats coming from a sampling of cardboard party horn honks. Also embedded in the track are the soft yet ever present sounds of little bubbles popping. As light and airy as the bubbles the song celebrates, the single illustrates the simple joys of childhood play, chasing those iridescent spheres of soap magic and sharing the fun with all those around– a kid version of spreading the wealth! “One love bubble, ya see? And it’s FREEEEEE!!!” You too will have “mystic flowing out [your] bubble machine.” Dem pickney life irie.

Chillin’ ft. Uncle Dox

Lastly from the Cookie in collaboration with Uncle Dox, we have the ultimate summer backyard BBQ kid hop track, Chillin’. The track is as laid back as the name suggests, lyrically filled with all the nostalgic imagery from your idyllic childhood summers: climbing trees until sunset, laying out in the lawn chairs, jumping in the sprinklers, eating creamsicles, and hanging out with friends. Musically, the song opens with a little guitar opening that echoes the opening of Blind Melon’s No Rain, but once the beat drops and the keyboard comes in, the song gains a more mellow reggae/ hip hop groove. To fill out that summertime/ kid atmosphere, the song has retro sound samples to musically conjure images of playing 80s video arcade games, party screams, and the 70s/ 80s DJ scratching records at the neighborhood block party. Ultimately, Chillin’  is telling us, in the summer, there’s nothing better than doing nothing with your friends!



Speaking of Uncle Dox, here is a new single that free-associates to the theme of one of our most precious natural resources; one that is emblematic of summer fun, Water. The track has a cool, chill sound that is punctuated by different melodically percussive keyboard samples, and of course, the sound of running water! Lyrically, Uncle Dox takes each stanza of his song and machinates on water-themed objects and activities, animals whose name has the word “water” in it, architectural elements that hold water– you name it, Uncle Dox finds a water association to go with it. Even painting with watercolors gets a mention in the song! Additionally, Water has a built in game that the kids can play while listening to the track. The song tells the listener to run like water, drip and drop like water, then FREEZE!



MO PHILLIPS, Supa Stupefying

The Portland-based kindie musician has a new album out for the kid hop/ kindie pop scene. Supa Stupefying is a sonic homage to late 70s/ early 80s bands, think ESG meets The Doobie Brothers with some Talking Heads and Fab Five Freddy vibes mixed in. I know, a weird cocktail, but sometimes unexpected combinations yield some quality results as is the case for Mo Phillips’ latest. Dance is the common undercurrent for all the tracks on this eclectic album; dance tracks are peppered with messages celebrating diversity, tolerance, and stressing the importance of being silly. This message is especially apparent in the album’s third track, What Kind of Party Is This? (Undies), as in throw some undies on your head and get that party started. The call for friendship, acceptance and tolerance can be heard most prominently on the tracks Disco Hit #6 (Be My Friend), You’re Gonna Need More Than White, and Fun In The Jungle. Two other stand out tracks are Supa Stupefying and Marbles. Lace up those white shell-toe Adidas sneaks and get ready, some spontaneous dancing is in your future.



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