Help My Son Eat His Veggies, TED-Ed!

I grew up listening to my mom describe all the benefits of eating meals she cooked. Carrots were good for your eyes, spinach was good for your bones, oranges kept your immune system strong. (It didn’t hurt that her meals tasted good.)

For me, getting my son to eat his veggies has been an excruciating ordeal. Now that he is 8, he is more willing to try new foods, but it’s still a struggle. So, I do what my mom used to do with me–rattling off the benefits of this and that, with little success.

Desperate to make my point, I stumbled upon this TED-Ed video on YouTube.

Cute and informative, right? My son loves it too.

While the video hasn’t convinced him to gobble up all the veggies I serve, he now knows I wasn’t making it up when I said veggies and fruits were good for you. And the words Vitamin A and C and K make sense to him. It’s a start, at least.

One small step at a time…

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