The Fruition Issue

Hello Dear Reader and welcome to “Eat the Marshmallow”, an exploration of the wild and wooly world of parenthood and our creative, non-conformist  progeny. They make life interesting for us, eh? Tell me about it! I am serious when I say, “Tell me about it”, as my ultimate goal for this space is to be a place where we can go to share ideas with each other, celebrate, commiserate, and examine our lives with our children. I, for one, am very excited to launch this communal space.

Our kick-off theme is Fruition — the point at which a plan or project is realized. Who doesn’t like when a plan comes together? The word itself evokes feelings of spring, which gives rise to thoughts of renewal and hope and, expectantly, the energy to bring some of those personal projects to completion! Once the spring weather induced wanderlust subsides, I swear I’ll get to back to those projects…

This particular project gives our contributors and I the chance to offer you our collective “takes” on our roles as parents and our connections to childhood: What our “boots on the ground” experience tells us, what advice we have to give, which to take or leave —is up to you. We are by no means touting ourselves as experts. Quite the opposite. No two experiences are the same, and yet we all belong to the club. We are in it together! Submit your ideas, feel free to peruse, share, comment, and ask questions.

That said, we all know that Trolls are real, and that it can have a significant effect on the feeling of community. Be thoughtful in your responses. This is your space too.

And without further ado, we wish to welcome you to munchkin land…



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