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New Music From Falu Shah, Shawn Colvin, and Uncle Dox!


FALU SHAH, Falu’s Bazaar

Renown South-Asian artist Falu Shah has thrown her hat into the family music ring and is releasing her first children’s album Falu’s Bazaar on February 16th. Commisioned and launched by Carnegie Hall in NYC, the album acts as a sing-along educational journey into the sounds and culture of India. The album will definitely appeal to the Pre-K and under set, with much of the accompanying vocals on the album sung by a group of children, including Falu’s own 5-year-old son, Nishaad (featured in the song My Name). Fans of languages should take note, the album exposes children to songs in three languages, English, Hindi, and Gujarati (for those parents who want to get a leg-up on a second of third language for their little ones). The songs range in theme from explaining what is masala to the following street signs and respecting traffic safety (as in the track Tararum Pumpum, The Signal Song). Most of the songs on the album are playful, upbeat, and highly danceable such as Tararum Pumpum, Shapes, Rainbow, Bazaar, Masala, Pot & Pans, and Teddy Bear. Like I said, more than two-thirds of this album is high-energy goodness. The three tracks that are slower and more contemplative tracks are My Name (the intro track that is in the tune of Twinkle Twinkle), Hulululu Bus, and Nishaad’s Lullaby. Nishaad’s Lullaby is a beautiful traditionally composed that embodies motherly love. It is wistful, heartfelt and meditative. A perfect way to close the audio journey through Southeast Asia. Actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi, (the former Southeast Asian Correspondent for The Daily Show) aptly describes the album as “filled with the joy of childhood.” We here at Eat The Marshmallow couldn’t agree more!

Hey New Yorkers! Join Falu at Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette Street, Ny, NY on Sunday, February 18th for a special album release concert and Holi celebration. Get your colors on! Show starts at noon, tickets are $15.

For additional show dates, translations, workbook pages and more information on all of the songs on Falu’s Bazaar, please visit


SHAWN COLVIN, The Starlighter

The old adage,”Music soothes the savage beast,” has held reliably true in our house ever since the birth of our daughter. Whenever she gets really worked up, I put on some calming music and it resets her emotional charge. Grammy winner Shawn Colvin’s new children’s album The Starlighter is bound to deliver those much needed grounding, calming vibes and is a must-have for nap time for the toddler–PreK set. Shawn Colvin’s rich and hypnotically soothing voice takes the listener through track upon track based on songs from the children’s music book Lullabies and Night Songs by famed 20th century American composer Alec Wilder and illustrated by legendary artist and illustrator Maurice Sendak. A book that was given to Shawn Colvin by her parents when she was 8-years-old which clearly continues to inspire her to this day. The 14 tracks featured on The Starlighter are a mix of traditional songs and children’s classics. Lyrics quote prose passages by Lord Tennyson and William Blake. Every song on this album is a winner. Beautiful and lush, the songs transport the listener to a deep, quiet, personal space. This is the true mark of a seasoned artist. A few stand out tracks are Raisins and Almonds, Many Million Years Ago, The Cuckoo. Raisins and Almonds, the second track on the album, picks up the tempo slightly from the introductory track, but it does so in a very delicate manner. The transition is smooth. The presence of the piano and accordion gives the song its feeling of nostalgia and its lyrics paint images of victorian times. While Many Million Years Ago, gives a contrast between the jazz chanteuse vocal and musical presentation and its dinosaur-centric lullaby lyrics. The Cuckoo is a musically spare song that harkens back to traditional folk song presentation (think soulful Appalachian folk, not 1960s coffee house folk). Together, the songs form a perfect album that is a composite of many influences but singular in its product. It is gorgeous. The Starlighter drops on February 23rd, available exclusively for purchase on Amazon Music, available for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music.

Time to book a babysitter! Shawn Colvin is going on tour with Lyle Lovett! March tour dates (concerts for grown-ups) will be happening in venues around the northeast and Ohio. For more information, please visit and


UNCLE DOX, Cornfield and other recent singles

Uncle Dox, the kid-hop artist who gave us the Sirius XM Kids’ Place Live breakout hit, Squirrels (a family-friendly comedic riff of Beastie Boys’ song Girls), has been busy, busy, busy. For the past year, he has been cranking out monthly tunes for everyone’s listening pleasure! And if that weren’t enough, Uncle Dox has also been putting together a band called banana². Banana² has 5 singles out as of last month! The singles from Uncle Dox and his solo collaborations and the songs from his band, banana² are thematically and musically varied, but the one thing they all have in common is Uncle Dox’s lyrical humor. His penchant for musing upon linguistic idioms or making funny social observations is alive and well. They are readily found throughout his recently released songs. A personal favorite is Elephants, which is like an electronica/ kid-hop version of Pink Elephants/ Elephants on Parade from the Disney movie, Dumbo. The song has a catchy hook and is replete with a sample of an elephant trumpeting. You really can’t get better than that. A close second is the electronic doo-wop/ kid-hop collaboration with The Green Orbs called Cornfield. Lyrically, the song speaks to figuring out what you want to do in life and placing the emphasis on being happy. Happy from ear to ear. Like an ear of corn. Enough happiness to fill a cornfield. You get the picture. On the banana² front, there is also an abundance of quality goods to listen to. Released around the time of Halloween was the electro-pop ode to candy, Sweet Tooth. Another super-catchy notable single is Playground, a euro-pop influenced song about being a kid and noticing another kid doing some cool moves on the play structure. Good times. Most recently out is the single, Shopping, which is all about the trials and tribulations, joys and disappointments of getting new pants, only to find out they are too long. We can all relate. And we can all look forward to next batch of Uncle Dox family-friendly jams.

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