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Test Driving’s Holiday Behavior Chart

We here at Eat The Marshmallow are making a list and checking it twice, but it may not be the type of list that first comes to mind for the holidays. We are talking about a Holiday Behavior Chart! The good people at (an amazing resource for educators and caregivers of non-traditional learners) have published a handy dandy worksheet for download which we have available for you here!

Holidays are an exciting and often tough period of time for all families. In part because we are changing up the regular routines. The worksheet is to preemptively identify some common holiday challenges and help you and your child come up with strategies to navigate those challenges as they bubble up through the break!

Because my child is currently a tween and therefore capable of some self-reflection, I plan on filling out one copy of the worksheet, and have her fill out a separate copy of the worksheet. Then, we will take a look at our results together and make a master plan!

A few pitfalls I’d like to address ahead of time:

  • possible boredom and feeling antsy
  • feeling overwhelmed/ over stimulated
  • dealing with noise and crowds
  • misreading social cues
  • curbing some of the impulsivity/ better self-regulation

And here is what Maki will be working on with her son:

  • feeling bored and relying on media to relieve boredom
  • managing frustrations when things don’t go as planned

Together, we are planning on test driving’s system to see how it goes over the break. We plan on doing a post-mortem in January when our new issue of ETM posts. Care to join us in our test drive? Here is the link to the full post on’s site: Download: Holiday Behavior Worksheet for Your Child

Wishing you a peaceful holiday with your families and friends.

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