Chapter 5: Too much celebrating…

Upon the arrival of Ada’s Dad, Adam, and his truck piled with an impossible stack of speakers, our kid heroes were last seen joining in the town celebration. We now pick up our story thread in the aftermath of the party…

Chapter 5

Things were slow to go back to normal after the enormous town-wide celebration. The festivities went on for too long for the following day to qualify as normal. Work and school weren’t officially cancelled–  but no one bothered showing up to either. Most of the kids stayed up way too late. There would have been no way to wake up in time to get to school, and even if they had tried, they would have found their school building void of teachers. Like most of the other adults, the teachers all mysteriously had very bad headaches that could only be cured by eating a greasy breakfast and going back to sleep.

With little to no adult supervision, the children of Storybrooke had the run of the town for most of the day. This resulted in nothing more dramatic than a few skinned knees and a boy named Kevin receiving a memorable wedgie after turning off his brother Victor’s Nintendo at the very moment Victor was about to defeat the last boss of an extremely challenging game. To be fair, it should be pointed out that Victor would not have been nearly as upset if he hadn’t been playing for over two hours without saving his progress. Happily, Victor remembered this lesson just as well as his brother remembered the wedgie, which he repaid in full three years later after a dramatic growth spurt in which he became quite a bit larger than his older brother.

And so it could be said that the day after the town celebration was a rather dull and uneventful day, with, of course, the notable exception of a secret meeting for the evil witches of Storybrooke.  

Chapter 6 (Preview)

The evil witch meeting was held in a place where all proper evil witch meeting are traditionally held, in the middle of the creepy woods outside of town by the light of the moon, enhanced only by the flickering torches scattered around the periphery.

“Come to order, come to order!” came the call from the masked woman on a makeshift stage. The “stage” was really just a sheet of plywood on top of some cinder blocks, but it served it’s purpose, it held up and elevated the first speaker of the evening above the sea of mask-wearing attendees. The witches all wore the classical theatre comedy or tragedy masks, the ones with the smiling face, or the crying face that you commonly see. They wore these masks, in part, to protect their identities as they traveled from Storybrooke into the surrounding woods to attend secret evil witch meetings. It was the League of Anonymous Witches after all…


Check back in soon to find out what the witches are plotting! As we all know, nothing good can come of secret witch meetings…

Kelly Raine is an artist, writer, and educator. He teaches children and likes the idea that he is pitching in to make the world slightly better. He wears a lot of black and wakes up very, very early.



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