Chapter 14: Enter The Gobbler

Well, well, well, it’s been a while since we last posted a chapter of Surviving Storybrooke. Here is where we left off. After accidentally exploding the school cafeteria, seemingly trapping Mrs. Barr, the lunch-lady-turned-evil-food-monster, in the cold storage unit, our gang found themselves rescued by a rampaging pig. The pig distracted the pointy dogs in THE YARD OF NO RETURN, allowing our gang to escape and regroup on a nearby neighborhood corner. But, the relief was temporary as Ada’s phone alarm signaled there was another fire at her house and she was needed immediately. Now the gang needs to figure out what to do as we pick up their story thread…

Chapter 14

A moment passed, a chilly wind blew through the street as they looked at the wreckage of  their school. Parts of the cafeteria were still on fire and Ada felt as if she could still hear that monster laughing that horrible, evil, greasy laugh. That would be impossible though, Ada thought. There was no way anything could have survived an explosion like the one they just witnessed. Or caused, she thought briefly. She could hear the rhythmic wailing of the fire alarm as kids started to be dismissed from the playground. The school was being evacuated.  She looked at the bike rack, just to the side of the 5th grade classrooms. She was starting to feel anxious, she really needed to get home.

A loud crashing noise from the burning cafeteria snapped Ada out of a daze she hasn’t realized she was in. She turned to her friends and said, “This is probably our only chance to get our bikes and make a run for it. There’s no way the teachers are gonna let me get back on to school grounds if they are evacuating.” 

“Affirmative,” said The Eagle, squinting unnecessarily and nodding in agreement. Ada turned from The Eagle and rolled her eyes just a little as she started walking. He seemed to be speaking for Lyle, Leela, Paul, and Mark because they all silently followed Ada to the bike rack accompanied by the sound of more crashes from the cafeteria and yelling from the firefighters as they brought their hoses and equipment to the playground.

Then, just as they reached the bike rack, Ada saw Mrs. Barr the Monster burst through the building, crushing bricks as if they were made of sand. The firefighters scrambled, not knowing what to do.  In a moment of panic, they did what they were trained to do, they turned their hoses on the monster, blasting her with their high-powered water. 

This turned out to be a terrible idea, not only because the water extinguished the small fire that was still burning on Mrs Barr the Monster’s back, but also because it made her grow like a sponge absorbing water.

“Mrs. Barr is The Gobbler,” Paul said absently. And he was right. This wasn’t Mrs. Barr anymore. She had become The Gobbler.

The Gobbler paused for a moment, curling in on herself and then exploded once again in horrible laughter. She walked toward the firefighters like a loosely built pyramid of swollen, rotten, waterlogged, smoldering cafeteria food. She was the size of a large truck, grabbing the end of one of the firefighter’s hoses and slurped it up into her large cavernous mouth as though it was an oversized spaghetti noodle. 

Standing at the bike rack, Ada was frozen in place, taking in the horror of it all. Paul bumped into her and she quickly put her phone away, unlocked her bike, and swung her legs over the frame.

“I don’t know if you guys wanna come with me to my house or not, but–”

Ada was interrupted as The Gobbler flung six firefighters aside as if they were toy dolls, then looked right at her, pointed a swollen, dripping finger and yelled, “ADA!!!”

Mark yelled a single word in return that would have gotten him detention for life, but luckily they didn’t stick around to see if there would be any consequences. The gang took off on their bikes like the wind.

Kelly Raine is an artist, writer, and educator. He teaches children and likes to think he is pitching in to make the world slightly better. He wears a lot of black and wakes up very, very early.



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